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Is there a wasp or a bee nest on your property? Do you see swarms of bees hovering around your yard? Are you concerned about the safety of your children? If Yes! Then worry no more. Instant Wasp Removal has got you covered. We provide exceptional bee and wasp control in Diggers Rest. Our bee removal Diggers Rest specialists are highly skilled in effectively treating the bees or wasp infestation from your place professionally. We provide same-day and emergency wasp and bee control services in Diggers Rest.

The presence of these ferocious pests in or near your premises can be frightening and sometimes life-threatening as well. But our top-grade wasp control Diggers Rest professionals spare no efforts in efficiently controlling the infestation from your property within 24 hours.

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    Types Of Wasp and Bee Species Found In Diggers Rest

    There are over 10,000 species of wasp and 2000 species of bee found in Australia, and they all play an important part in maintaining the balance of our environment. The following are among the most prevalent bee and wasp species found in Diggers Rest:

    • English wasp
    • European wasp
    • Mortar bee
    • Honey bee
    • Paper wasp
    • Carpenter bees
    • Yellowjackets or social wasp

    How To Differentiate Between Wasps and Bees

    Both wasps and bees belong to the same family - Hymenoptera. Though both these creatures are extremely essential for the well-being of our ecosystem, they can be an annoyance too. Many individuals fail to identify the difference between bees and wasps. Here are a few major factors that differentiate bees from wasps. These factors include:

    Wasps and Bees


    Bees and wasps have very different appearances. Bees seem to be more full-bodied, and hairy, and appear fuzzy in general, which allows them to collect and disperse pollen. Wasps have slimmer bodies, slender legs, and a non-hairy, shiny appearance.

    Wasps and Bees


    Wasps and bees sting in order to protect themselves and their colonies. Honey bee stingers are knotted, so after pricking, the stinger is ripped open from the bee's belly and stays in the skin. Wasps can pull out their stinger, allowing them to sting multiple times without injuring themselves.

    Wasps and Bees


    Bees do not eat meat and do not eat insects or spiders as prey. Instead, they feed on plant pollen and nectar. Wasps are predators that feed other insects to their young for the majority of the year, but in the summer and fall, once queens stop egg-laying and their nest gradually decreases, they become more inclined to gather sweets as well as other carbohydrates. It is not uncommon to encounter aggressive yellow jackets that turn into scavengers near food and sweet drinks.

    Wasps and Bees


    Bee nests are made of wax, whereas wasp nests are made of paper-like materials made of shredded wood particles as well as their saliva. Honey bees are perennial insects, and the nest will remain active for many years as long as its population is healthy. Because wasps and bumblebees have annual life cycles, they only use their nesting sites for one year. Only a few kinds of wasp species reuse old nests.

    Tips to Keep These Annoyances Away

    Our wasp and bee control Diggers Rest professionals believe that you can avoid these nasty critters from invading your place by implementing these simple steps:

    • Block their entry points by repairing and sealing all the cracks and openings present on your premises.
    • Keep all the food stored in an airtight box and cover all the leftovers.
    • Plant strong scented plants.
    • Always keep trash cans covered and clean.
    • Invest in annual pest control inspections.

    These are a few of the most effective tips that will help you to keep these pesky creatures away from your house or business. If you are troubled with a wasp infestation then call us right away for an effective solution.

    Warning Signs of Bee Or Wasp Infestation

    Listed below are some major warning signs that will help you be certain of the infestation. These signs include:

    • Sudden Increase In the population of wasps or bees around your property.
    • Wasp nesting Inside your House
    • A sudden increase in wasp or bee activity on your premises or your lawn.
    • The sight of chewed or chipped wooden structures or tree limbs.
    • Witnessing a wasp or bee nest on your premises.
    • Wasps going to and fro in the same direction.

    If you've spotted more than of the above-mentioned indicators, you've got a problem. This is a risky situation that you must not try to address on your own. Instead, you must use expert wasps removal Diggers Rest services. We will help you get rid of your wasp or bee infestation right away. Call us today to know more about our services.

    Why Is An Extermination Important?

    As the summer season approaches, the sight of bees and wasps hovering around is common. At Instant Wasp Removal, we recognise the necessity of dealing with wasp and bee nests swiftly and properly to avoid harm or recurrence. Hence, our certified bee control Diggers Rest specialists are always on their feet to help you with prompt wasp or bee removal. Here is why bees and wasp extermination is important:

    • These nasty pests are not friendly, they can get pretty aggressive and attack people.
    • Their sting is extremely painful and causes a great deal of discomfort, swelling, and allergy and might even require immediate medical care in some cases.
    • Unlike bees, wasps can attack and sting multiple times, resulting in a painful experience
    • These annoyances attack in masses which can prove to be fatal.
    • People who are allergic to their sting can suffer from anaphylactic shock, which is a life-threatening situation.
    Wasp and Bees

    These critters are aggressive, as well as, highly unpredictable. Therefore, it is advised to never deal with these pests on a domestic level. It is always a wise choice to hire certified and skilled wasp and bees control Diggers Rest specialists to deal with these creatures in the most professional manner. We’ll be right at your doorstep with all the required equipment to treat the infestation.

    Why Hire Us?

    Instant Wasp Removal offers high-quality wasp and bee control services at pocket-friendly prices. Risking your health or that of your loved ones is not worth it. Here are a few reasons to hire us over other pest control companies:

    • Reliable service at a reasonable price
    • Clear and obligation-free quotation
    • 100% guaranteed results
    • 24/7 availability and round-the-clock service
    • Emergency and same-day services
    • Licensed, certified and skilled professionals
    Wasp and Bees

    Safeguard Your Property Today!

    If you are worried, just contact Instant Wasp Removal and we’ll be at your rescue right away. We are equipped with advanced tools and safety gear required to deal with these pests easily and effectively.

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